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    New Options for Addiction Treatment in Lawton, OK

    When addiction strikes, it consumes the person’s life and takes over every part of their being. It causes the person to do things they couldn’t have ever imagined and deepen wounds in the people who love and care about them the most. It’s time to take control. Let Red River Ketamine help you during your recovery and fight toward sobriety.

    How Do I Know It Is Time For A Change?

    One major struggle with addiction is denial. Identifying that addiction has taken over is the first step toward help. You may need to seek treatment for addiction if you are experiencing:

    • Day to day functionality only made possible with the help of a substance
    • Cravings and obsessive thoughts toward drinking or consuming a substance
    • Giving up important life events because of a substance
    • Needing a substance to “unwind” or relax 
    • A burden or impact on finances, relationships, or work

    Alcoholism occurs when alcohol consumption becomes out of control and you rely on alcohol to perform everyday tasks. This includes focusing all attention on drinking, building a high tolerance for a significant amount of alcohol, and continuing to drink even when you know it is causing problems. Long-term effects go far beyond the symptoms of intoxication and can seep into the lives of those around you.

    Opioids are drugs that are created to mimic the effects of Opium, a depressive drug that slows the communication between the brain and body. Drug overdose is responsible for over 40,000 deaths a year. 

    Opioids are highly addictive causing the brain to crave more after use. When the cravings increase, then the person addicted turns to any means necessary to achieve that high that the brain remembers from the last use. In fact, 80% of heroin users started out as opioid users. This is due to the fact that heroin can be obtained much cheaper than other opioids. 

    Opioid abuse can affect people from all walks of life and can cause devastating effects to those addicted and their loved ones.

    Addiction has lasting effects that go beyond the period of intoxication or the period of high. These long-term effects can be psychological, physical, or behavioral. If left untreated, addiction can ultimately lead to death. 

    • Psychological effects take a toll on the mental state of the person addicted. They include 
      • Paranoia
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Mood disorders
    • Physical effects caused by addiction cause defects and disease to vital organs within the body. Additionally, substance use can cause the person’s judgment to be poor, allowing the person to put themselves in dangerous situations such as driving while intoxicated or meeting in dangerous locations to get the substance. Prolonged and heavy use of substances has a significant negative impact on: 
      • Heart 
      • Lungs
      • Kidney 
      • Liver 
    • Behavioral effects are seen by those around the person. If someone is dealing with addiction, it really starts to eat away at loved ones. Some behavioral changes include:
      • Mood swings
      • Stealing and theft 
      • Unable to fulfill obligations to school, work, or home
      • Missing out on important life events

    Alcohol and drug use cause your brain to create and store memories of how you feel after drinking or participating in drug use. The memories of that high get triggered again and again when you are around the addictive substance, causing you to crave that same feeling. The cycle continues in your brain with new memories and connections being made, allowing your cravings to get stronger and stronger. It is like a reward system in your brain that is constantly seeking the next reward.

    Under the professional care of Red River Ketamine Wellness Center, ketamine is used to block those memories so you are no longer triggered and the need for the substance is suppressed. When combined with traditional therapy, Ketamine is a powerful tool that changes the way your body deals with motivation, cravings, and behavior. With the right treatment plan, Red River Ketamine Wellness Center will help you on your way to the road to recovery.

    How Can I Talk to a Loved One About Addiction?

    Along with addiction comes a feeling and state of denial. The person suffering from addiction often chooses to believe that they do not actually have a substance abuse problem or they believe they have their consumption under control. 


    As a loved one, you may have an outside view of the person you care about falling victim to addiction. We understand that it is an overwhelming feeling and you don’t know where to begin. 


    Staging an intervention with someone who is addicted to a substance takes a lot of tactics. Oftentimes, it is best to seek advice from a mental health professional before approaching your loved one. 


    Once the addiction has been brought to the forefront, it is time to talk about treatment plans and how you can support your loved one in the battle for sobriety. Let Red River Ketamine help on the journey.

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